Valentine's Love

Valentine's Loooooveeee!

This song is dedicated to the Boxes: After my latest smash-n-grab at the local FLGS I came home with these. A small addition from hobbia.se topped off the pile nicely (eller hur man nu säger på engelska).


Yes, yes I also hate clips that are filmed from a phone, but these are the Daves I know I know.

Heh-heh, you can hear me starting to chuckle and had to stop the clip before it got even funnier, hehehehe...

2 kommentarer:

  1. Cuuuraajziii!!! Thats a hefty amount of boxes, that is. Skulle gärna sett hela klippet men får väl leta upp det själv

  2. Fänks mejt! Ja, leta upp det, ett roligt avsnitt vill jag minnas.