Mushroom Factory

When doing stuff for miniature wargaming, one will invariably need mushrooms. Preferably toadstools - sometimes Amanita virosa, the white variant - to break up a coherently coloured base, not that the base is boring when it has a unified and tidy colour scheme, but the extra colour gives it a little extra (I think some miniatures-master-painter called it spotcolour). In the neverending Edheldu project for War of the Ring I'm hobbying with at the moment, the toadstools are used on nearly all formations mainly to tie the whole crap together and not for colour - I could just as well use autumn coloured lichen etc.

So, how do one make such things? This is my mushroom factory and if you are really, really stupid and/or uncreative, you can perhaps get some use of this picture. In all other cases, consider it eye-candy.

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